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About Us

We have been breeding English Golden Retrievers in the United States since 2004. Many families over the years had the pleasure of meeting our Labradoodle Shaggy when they picked up their Golden Retriever from our home. Shaggy was adored by everyone who met him. When he passed away years ago we knew we wanted another Labradoodle with  the best lines available in the United States. Our search led us to Rochelle Woods with Springcreek Labradoodles and we are pleased that she has entrusted us with our girl Sheila. We have always had a love for the Labradoodle and we have finally decided to have at least one litter a year to help families with a service dog who are needing a non-shedding, hypoallergenic dog. 


We realize that the Australian Labradoodle is not an AKC breed, however, we as breeders adhere to strict breeding practices. Please educate yourselves and visit the two clubs that I feel represent this lovely breed the best.

The OFA Board of Directors has approved a separate breed code for Labradoodles (LD). If the dog is registered with the ALAA or WALA, OFA forms may be submitted with the ALAA or WALA registration # and the breed code of “LD”, to be registered in the OFA category of “Labradoodle” instead of in the “Hybrid” category. If an application is received without a registration number, it will be processed in the Hybrid category.

According to Eddie Dziuk of the OFA: 

“The club registration criteria for registering dogs as Labradoodles is a response to the commitment to health demonstrated by the club not only in its strong code of ethics requiring health screening, but also in response to the club members’ demonstrated use of OFA evaluations.”​

Additionally, OptiGen has also agreed to give Labradoodle and Australian Labradoodle their own categories. ALAA Members & WALA Members may notify Optigen of dogs already tested, their test numbers, and which category they should be in and those dogs will be transferred into the new category.


We hope you will follow along with our new venture. 

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